Penny Loren – Mommys Sweaty Scent Makes You Fuck Her

Penny Loren – Mommys Sweaty Scent Makes You Fuck Her
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You and Mommy have this very naughty taboo ritual that drives you both crazy. Mommy goes off to the gym and has a super hard workout then makes sure she gets back when dad is out.
She gets in and it makes you so fucking hard and turned on by how sweaty she is. You watch her sniff her stinky sweaty armpits then she makes you do the same, this leads to her stripping off her sweaty gym clothes slowly and you and her giving them a really good sniff getting more and more turned on by Mommys sweaty scent…sneakers, socks, yoga pants and Mommys sweaty creamy thong. Sniffing Mommys sweaty arsehole and pussy sends you almost over the Edge!
You both cant take anymore and you fuck mommy sweaty creamy cunt whilst sniffing her smelly armpits, big tits and sweaty thong.
You shoot your big Sticky white load in Mommys warm sweaty cunt just how she loves it before Dad gets home.** Extremely taboo dirty talk, POV, lots of sniffing and dildo fucking xx
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