Goddess Evelyn - Caught Perving on Mommy

Goddess Evelyn - Caught Perving on Mommy
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You caught a virus a few months ago that caused you to shrink. You barely even come up to My cleavage now. I know you’ve been having a hard time, so while you were showering I decided to take a look in your room to check on you. I find lots of inappropriate pictures of Me on you iPad. The next day I confront you about it, and yell at you for being disgusting. When I see that it turns you on, I demand that you stroke for Me. I laugh at you for being so pathetic, and tell you that you’ll never get any girls now. You SHOULD feel like a loser! Your height is laughable, and so is your cock. You’ll be stuck here with mommy forever now, and I’m going to play with you every single day. I love the look of embarrassment and shame on your face as I make you stroke for mommy’s humiliation.
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