AnnaScotX - Bad Mommy

AnnaScotX - Bad Mommy
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<p>Extremely Taboo Storyline – Discretion advised.</p>

<p>Lately, you have been having these strange feelings towards your Mom, You can’t explain them, when she bends down, your cock twitches and it kickstarts these strange flashbacks of someone you don’t know. It’s all so fuzzy in your brain. You find yourself wanting to be around your Mom more, but when you do, these feelings start and you get angry with yourself. You two have always been close, but you feel like there is a part of you missing, and these flashbacks and hardon’s are making life quite difficult.</p>

<p>By chance, you find paperwork in your moms drawers, admittedly you were touching her panties. You were adopted. When you confront your mom. She panics and gets really upset at how angry you seem. She then starts to seduce you frantically, telling you that she is what you need and she knows that you need this too. Hang on, does she know you fancy her? What a mind fuck, but what an incredible fuck. Holy shit, your life is falling apart, you just fucked your Mom, but wait she’s not your Mom. ARggggHH!</p>

<p>When you tell her you are going to track down your biological Mother, your Mom freaks out, she tells you your mother was troubled. You can’t not see her though and set off early in the morning leaving Mom in bed.</p>

As the door opens, the woman from your flashbacks is standing before you in the flesh. The flashbacks become clearer and stronger in your mind now. Your Mother is a sex addict. She invites you in and all the feelings off something was missing begin to disappear. The weekend with your Mother was incredible, getting to know every inch of her body was exactly what you needed. The connection you craved so badly is here right. between her tits. When Mom calls frantically asking you to come back to her you realise you need to make a choice..
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