Mommy's Girl - Lessons In Anal Part One: Contraception

Mommy's Girl - Lessons In Anal Part One: Contraception
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Description: <p>Watch Halle Von, Phoenix Marie & Dakota James in Lessons In Anal Part One: Contraception for Mommy's Girl. Cum get your fix of FREE incest taboo xxx porn videos only on</p>

<p>Halle Von is worried she is pregnant. She's freaking out and needs a friend. Dakota James is on this shit, she jumps in the SUV to go help her friend in crisis. They go to get a test, clearly a turning point in Halle's life. They take the test to the desert and try to get an answer.</p>

<p>Close calls require a new plan. All that's on Halle's mind is how to protect herself. Phoenix Marie, Dakota's step mom finds Halle's test, and confronts Dakota and calls a family meeting. Being the cool mom on the block, Phoenix tries to freak the girls out. She's a bit crazy, but her solution is a good one, one that will at least protect them from pregnancy. Anal Sex.</p>

Lessons in Anal start with a pro, and Phoenix sure knows her stuff. Dakota and Halle are ready for Phoenix's tips. She tells the girls to get undressed, and before long they're using their expert teen tongues to lick one another. Anal sex requires some instruction. Phoenix demonstrates first, and then lets the girls take the reins allowing them to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Playing with a pro has its rewards, but will Dakota catch on?
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